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We all know that there are many aspects of twenty-first century living that are not conducive to our health. Apart from the fact that so many of us are stressed today, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are usually less than ideal. Although the combined effect of these factors is highly detrimental to our vitality and longevity, one of the most insidious aspects of modern life is the fact that most of us live in the midst of powerful grids of overlapping electromagnetic energy. Because we cannot see them, hear them and, for the most part, we cannot even feel them, we, understandably, assume that electromagnetic frequencies do not exist. In fact we are bathed in a sea of electromagnetic smog twenty-four hours a day. Electro-magnetic fields are the most pervasive things in our environment apart from the air itself (McTaggart L, Electro-Pollution Keeping Safe in a Sea of EMFs, Electro Magnetic Fields pg 1). As Andrew Weil, M.D. Author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health puts it, "electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced…all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."

Cell-phones, cell-phone towers, computers, televisions, fluorescent lights, microwaves, cordless phones and X-rays emit an ionizing electromagnetic field which damages the bio-fields of all living organisms. Consequently, even a visit to a shopping mall exposes us to an extraordinary amount of radiation and, if you live in a city today, you are effectively living in an electrical power grid. Unfortunately, the public is only now becoming aware of the high levels of radioactivity associated with travelling in sophisticated motor vehicles and air travel, in particular, places frequent travellers and airline staff at considerable risk. Furthermore, even exposure to what is called a non-ionizing electromagnetic field, which ordinary household appliances and under-floor heating generate, causes depletion of the bio-electricity our bodies use to function and, consequently, results in stress, illness and aging.


Although the body’s basic impulse has generally been thought to be a chemical one, science has now shown that it is an electrical one. According to the French biologist, Jacques Benveniste, “the tiniest particle of our being is, in fact, a vibrating wave packet”. (McTaggart L. Surviving in a Sea of EMFs, pg v) The latest Russian findings show that even our DNA uses a quantum frequency to ‘beam out’ its instructions. Fundamentally, the body operates on low level bio-electrical frequencies which generate what is known as the bio-field. We are essentially electromagnetic beings - at any given moment there is sufficient electricity in our brains to light a light bulb and the body uses electricity to perform essential processes. This is why our health is dependant on the integrity of our bio-fields. And, since our cells function with, and communicate through, electricity, their biochemical signals are seriously disrupted by other, more powerful electromagnetic waves.

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Cellphone masts dot the surface of our planet in ever-increasing numbers and the cellphone has become, for people of all ages, an essential personal accessory. The fact that these devices are so convenient makes most people resist the idea that using them is a threat to our health, and the health of those we care about.

There is, however, ample evidence available, for anyone interested, of the very real dangers of using a cellphone. Have a look at the website www.microwavenews.com – it is most informative. Many brain surgeons acknowledge that tumours often occur in the brain on the side on which people hold their cellphone. A study by the Bavarian State Government in Germany discovered that a herd of cattle, in the vicinity of a Telecoms Mast, showed a significant drop in milk yield and exhibited extraordinary behaviour patterns - the behaviour was restored to normal when the herd was moved away from the mast and reoccurred when they were returned to its vicinity. In a study conducted at Montpellier University in France, when researchers exposed chick embryos to radiation from a cellphone, there was a seventy-two percent higher death rate in the group exposed to the phone than in the control group and the dead chick embryos were found around the cellphone. When the cellphone industry in the United States commissioned Dr George Carlo, who headed the surveillance and research programme for the wireless industry there, to prove that cellphones were not harmful, his findings of the dangers associated with their use were so shocking that the industry refused to make them public. Dr Carlo took the unprecedented step of doing so himself in an extraordinary letter on the internet. This letter, which warns the public of the hazards of cellphone use, can be read on our website.

Symptoms of the detrimental effects on people range from feeling run down to headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, inability to concentrate, short term memory loss, depression, numbness, weakness of the joints, fibromyalgia and, increasingly, evidence of cancer and leukemia. While everyone is at risk, children are in the greatest jeopardy because they have thinner skull bones and their smaller brains are still developing. A study by Hungarian researchers reveals that men who regularly carry cellphones close to their groins, on a belt or in a pocket, could have their sperm count reduced by as much as thirty percent. It also found that the sperm, which did survive exposure to the radiation, showed abnormal movements. (Men and mobiles: Calls to take caution www.MSN.com)

Whereas, in the past, researchers assessing the potential harm of microwave radiation, have focused on the heating effects of the actual microwave, today they are investigating the low frequency pulsing that occurs below the level of heating. This, they believe, may be one of the principal ways that cellular phone radiation affects brain function. It has been shown that magnetic fields produce calcium ion influx in the brain and changes have been found in the permeability of the blood brain barrier at levels as low as 0.016W/kg.

Nevertheless, most people simply don’t want to know. We need to wake up and realize that our bodies are not designed to handle this onslaught – the electromagnetic frequencies they generate are very subtle and are damaged by the sheer force of the electromagnetic fields in which we live.

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